Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. Learn tips for lowering your energy consumption.

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Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. When your utility bill comes, do you think about what you could have done to decrease your usage for that month? Do you wonder how it is possible to have used as much electricity or gas that month to cause your bill to rise to a ghastly amount? I know that during the winter months I will have electric bills that are four times more than the summer bills. This has caused me to learn all about conserving electricity in my home. Find out what I have learned here on my blog.


Learning More About Propane Tank Safety

28 November 2015
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Propane gas is one of the cleanest and most affordable fuels available. Many people use propane every day in their homes and for their jobs. Maintaining your propane cylinder and knowing how to use propane safely is important, especially if you use a gas grill or deep-fryer. Follow these tips for knowing if your propane cylinder is safe enough for you to use without dangerous accidents. Starting At The Top Read More …

Switching To LED Bulbs Will Save You Money

26 November 2015
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One way that you can save money on your power bills is to change your light bulbs. You won't see a drastic savings by doing it, but you will see something. Eventually, changing your light bulbs will pay for itself, especially if you choose to go with something long lasting, such as LED bulbs.  What Are LED Bulbs? LED stands for light emitting diodes. A diode is a small electronic component that is made up of two wires and a tube on the top. Read More …

How To Turn A Propane Tank Into A Smoker

25 November 2015
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Some of the best meat smokers have been made using propane tanks. With a bit of elbow grease, you can transform any old propane tank into a fully functional smoker. Make Sure It's Safe Because the tank held propane at one time, it is important to make sure that it is safe to begin working on it. This means that all of the propane must be evacuated before making the first cut. Read More …