Five Major Benefits Of Using A Paralleling Switchgear Setup

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Five Major Benefits Of Using A Paralleling Switchgear Setup

1 December 2017
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A switchgear is an essential component for many types of electrical system. Switchgears are used to eradicate downstream faults of an electrical system and de-energize equipment parts so that work can be carried out efficiently and effectively. 

A paralleling switchgear is a switchgear that has been set up so that numerous sources of power such as generator sets are connected to the same bus. This type of switchgear offers numerous advantages which it comes to designing complex electrical systems and switching the power supply toward different components as necessary.

The following are five of the major benefits offered by the parallel switchgear setup:

Improved reliability of the switchgear mechanism 

Paralleling switchgears are especially good for electrical systems where part of the power load is critical. In this case, paralleling one or several of the generator sets in the system can allow generator sets to start up simultaneously.

This means that the generator set that reaches the necessary parameters will take the critical loan portion and the other generator sets will be left to handle loads of a lower priority. Another advantage of this situation is that if one generator set fails, there will not be any interruptions to powering the critical loads because the load can seamlessly be sent to the other generator sets. 

Flexibility offered by operative capabilities

With paralleling, there are more options available for how the power of a system can be generated, distributed, and utilized. This contributes added flexibility to the system and makes for more versatile generator sets. 

Ability to carry out maintenance without interrupting productivity

Without a parallel switchgear, an electrical system might have more downtime to deal with when one of the generator sets needs maintenance.

With a parallel setup, generator sets are synchronized on a common bus so that they have backup power when there is an outage or a need for maintenance. 

Lower costs of operating electrical systems

One of the biggest advantages of paralleling switchgears is the cost savings they offer. Often, purchasing smaller generator sets and setting them up to synchronize on a common bus is less expensive than purchasing a smaller number of larger generator sets.

Other cost savings can be realized with paralleling switchgears when generator sets enjoy a longer life thanks to the more efficient distribution of the power they offer thanks to the parallel setup. 

Simplicity of using the switchgear

Paralleling switchgears can be set up with a master panel that is more user friendly and simple to monitor. This can make system use and operations more convenient with paralleling switchgears. 

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