Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. Learn tips for lowering your energy consumption.

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Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. When your utility bill comes, do you think about what you could have done to decrease your usage for that month? Do you wonder how it is possible to have used as much electricity or gas that month to cause your bill to rise to a ghastly amount? I know that during the winter months I will have electric bills that are four times more than the summer bills. This has caused me to learn all about conserving electricity in my home. Find out what I have learned here on my blog.


Five Major Benefits Of Using A Paralleling Switchgear Setup

1 December 2017
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A switchgear is an essential component for many types of electrical system. Switchgears are used to eradicate downstream faults of an electrical system and de-energize equipment parts so that work can be carried out efficiently and effectively.  A paralleling switchgear is a switchgear that has been set up so that numerous sources of power such as generator sets are connected to the same bus. This type of switchgear offers numerous advantages which it comes to designing complex electrical systems and switching the power supply toward different components as necessary. Read More …

Why Is The Permian Basin So Rich In Hydrocarbon

9 January 2017
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In order to have economic reserves of hydrocarbon there has to be five aspects of a petroleum system. A conventional hydrocarbon reserve will have a source rock, hydrocarbon migration pathways, a reservoir or host rock, a seal, and a trap. An unconventional hydrocarbon reservoir is simplified in some aspects. With an unconventional oil play, the entire hydrocarbon system can be within one given formation. The source, reservoir, and in some cases the seal and trap can all be the same. Read More …

How Can You Get Started with Solar Energy?

24 October 2016
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If you live in the West or Southwest, you may wonder about the best ways to take advantage of the bright sunlight that hits your home for much of the day. While flat, glossy solar panels might seem to be popping up on roofs throughout your neighborhood, these solar cells aren't the only way for you to harness energy. In fact, you may find that the number of solar energy choices available to you can be overwhelming. Read More …

Rubber Vs. Metal Expansion Joints

23 August 2016
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The great thing about an expansion joint is that it can relieve stress in pipes and prevent the flange gaskets from being crushed. The two expansion joints to choose between are rubber and metal expansion joints. Both have their uses and the best one to choose is based on many factors. Some Joints Use Both Rubber And Metal A rubber expansion joint is made with natural or synthetic elastomers and is sometimes reinforced with metal. Read More …

3 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

8 April 2016
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When you think about making eco-friendly home improvements, you might think about saving money on your utilities and doing something good for the environment. However, there is one other great benefit of making these improvements -- the fact that you can boost your home's value. Since your home is probably one of the -- if not the -- biggest investments that you will ever make in your life, it obviously makes sense to do what you can to preserve and increase its value. Read More …