Running Your Vehicle On Propane

Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. Learn tips for lowering your energy consumption.

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Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. When your utility bill comes, do you think about what you could have done to decrease your usage for that month? Do you wonder how it is possible to have used as much electricity or gas that month to cause your bill to rise to a ghastly amount? I know that during the winter months I will have electric bills that are four times more than the summer bills. This has caused me to learn all about conserving electricity in my home. Find out what I have learned here on my blog.


Running Your Vehicle On Propane

30 November 2015
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Owning, operating, and maintaining your vehicle is expensive and hard on the environment. Unless you are independently wealthy, you need to explore every way to make driving less costly. As a conscientious citizen, you also want to keep pollution to a minimum. Changing your fuel may be the answer. If you convert your cars and trucks from gasoline to propane, you will be saving money as well as lowering dangerous emissions in the environment. 


Propane is a less expensive fuel that has a higher octane level than gasoline. You potentially get more horsepower but with slightly less mileage. However, the lower cost of propane means you will not be spending more on fuel. In some cases, you will be spending less. You also do not need to worry as much about price fluctuations. Since most of the propane supply is produced in the US, prices are more stable and less affected by world events.


Using propane is better for the environment because it contains less carbon than gasoline. Although propane still releases waste products into the air, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane, it does so at a lesser rate than other carbon fuels. In fact, experts estimate that turning your vehicles into propane-burning machines can reduce your greenhouse emissions by approximately 10%. In addition, using propane lowers hydrocarbons that cause smog by 87%. Propane is simply better for the environment.

Your Engine

When you use propane, you will also save money on maintaining your vehicle. In fact, experts estimate that you may save as much as 50% on vehicle maintenance when you use propane in your car or truck. Propane's lower carbon content is easy on the engine, often extending its life. Propane does not adversely affect your vehicle's speed, power, and acceleration. Also, propane works well in colder climates, so if you live where the winters are tough, propane can keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

You may associate propane more with cookouts and home heating than you do with running your cars and trucks. However, converting your vehicles to propane offers numerous advantages. You can save money on fuel and engine maintenance while cutting your carbon footprint. Any measure that benefits your bottom line as well as improves the environment is worth pursuing. Modifying your vehicle is not difficult and can easily be done by a skilled mechanic. Consult with one soon and find out how gas propane can enhance your driving experience.