conserving electricity to lower bills

Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. Learn tips for lowering your energy consumption.

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conserving electricity to lower bills

Energy conservation is something that most homeowners think about at least once a month. When your utility bill comes, do you think about what you could have done to decrease your usage for that month? Do you wonder how it is possible to have used as much electricity or gas that month to cause your bill to rise to a ghastly amount? I know that during the winter months I will have electric bills that are four times more than the summer bills. This has caused me to learn all about conserving electricity in my home. Find out what I have learned here on my blog.


How To Get Commercial Propane Refills Into Your Earth-Friendly Delivery Trucks When They Are Working

8 January 2016
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If you run a business that takes orders for frozen foods and delivers them via refrigerated trucks, you know how expensive it can be to have these trucks fuel up and keep going while in transit. If you also operate an energy conscious and earth-friendly business, then your trucks probably run entirely on propane gas instead of standard gasoline or diesel. While these are excellent measures to take to save energy, money and the planet, the problem is that your trucks may run out of fuel when making long-distance deliveries. Read More …

Propane Safety Tips All Homeowners Need To Know

5 January 2016
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If you are moving into or purchasing your first house with gas lines, you need to know how to stay safe in the presence of propane. Here are a few propane safety tips that you need to know if you have gas lines in your home. #1 Know Where Your Gas Lines Are Located The first thing that you need to find out is where your gas lines are located. You need to know where they are within your home, and where they are buried outside of  your home. Read More …

3 Interesting Facts About Diesel

22 December 2015
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Diesel fuel is used in a lot of large vehicles like semi trucks, tractors, and dump trucks. It is also used in a lot of consumer vehicles. Not everybody knows a lot about diesel, even those people who drive diesel vehicles. But, there are some really interesting facts about diesel.  Diesel Is Less Flammable Than Gas If there is a puddle of diesel fuel and someone, for some reason, decides to throw a match in it, all the match will do is go out, unlike gas, which will light up and start a fire. Read More …

Important Matters To Consider Before Acquiring A Propane Tank

17 December 2015
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Choosing a propane tank for the first time is really about which tank is best for your home. The tanks are available in numerous sizes, colors, and shapes. Your priority should be in choosing one that will fulfill your needs for choosing it. It's important to decide where the tank will be placed. The size of the tank should be carefully considered. If you have many appliances that require propane usage, you will need a particular propane tank size to ensure that adequate liquid gas is stored. Read More …

Running Your Vehicle On Propane

30 November 2015
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Owning, operating, and maintaining your vehicle is expensive and hard on the environment. Unless you are independently wealthy, you need to explore every way to make driving less costly. As a conscientious citizen, you also want to keep pollution to a minimum. Changing your fuel may be the answer. If you convert your cars and trucks from gasoline to propane, you will be saving money as well as lowering dangerous emissions in the environment. Read More …